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I can help you with the entire product discovery and delivery process, improve communication and ideation, and create spaces and systems to unlock your team's potential.


From facilitating a collaborative offsite to working with you to reimagine your team's product delivery cycle, I apply design thinking , lean methodologies, and Agile principles to everything I do. I can teach you to do it, too.

Chrissy is like magic.
Mary Poppins isn’t the right analogy,
but it also…isn’t wrong.

-Jeff Bobula, SVP Trade Coffee


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Product Management Consulting & Coaching

Product discovery and delivery are critical to success,  but so few teams do it well. I can help your team use methodologies and build processes that work, unlocking your potential for product success.

I provide training, workshops, 1:1 coaching, and can work with your management team to envision a new, holistic way of delivering products to your customers.

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Design Sprints & Design Thinking Coaching

Design sprints and team ideation can be a huge investment of time and team resources, but done right, they can save months of building the wrong thing. I can ensure this investment is well-spent, curating and leading anything from a half day ideation session to a five-day design sprint to suit your team's needs. 

Also, take your team further than a single sprint by learning to apply design thinking to your whole product lifecycle. 

Photo of the book "SPRINT, how to solve big problems and test new iddeas in just five days" by Jake Knapp

Offsite & Workshop Facilitation

Make your next strategy planning session or team offsite valuable and engaging for everyone involved. Instead of loading this. onto one of your overworked team members or worse--going into a team session without a plan--I can handle the planning, agenda, preparation, facilitation of sessions, and read-outs after you're done, freeing your team to engage fully.

User Research

Ensure the success of your product is to be sure that you are solving a REAL problem for your customers. Take the guesswork out of your development cycle by investing in the conversations with your customers that will allow you to understand and build for them. I have implemented user and usability research in large and small companies, and can guide your team on how to get started or take some of the effort off of your hands.

A presentation at the office. A white woman stands with her back to the camera in front of a conference room. 5 team members around the table face he speaker with interest.
Colleagues Having Lunch

Free Your Team

Create the space, energy, and structure to set your team up for success.

I trust Chrissy to move anything forward for the better — whether it’s process, customer-focus, or the thorniest of cross-functional problems. She’s unbelievably versatile, endlessly humble, and unlike any consultant I’ve ever worked with.

- Jeff Bobula

SVP Product

Trade Coffee

Chrissy is a stellar instructor who makes the subject matter come alive for her students by bringing her real-world experience into the classroom. She is deeply passionate about product management and her knowledge of real-world scenarios allows her to offer outstanding guidance to virtually anyone interested in becoming more fluent in the product development process.

- Alex Segal

Sr. Manager of Education @ Brainstation

"[Chrissy's] communication is amazing.  She has a high emotional IQ, can read different people, and can make conversations happen"

-Kenny Lin
Trade Coffee

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